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The 100% Maintenance-free battery offers supreme convenience with an extraordinary spill-proof feature on-board due to its double seal. This feature completely eliminates the hassle of checking and refilling electrolytes throughout its lifetime. With the highest CCA, it provides the fastest engine startup even in extreme cold weather conditions. Additionally, it comes pre-charged, ready to use at the time of installation, eliminating any wait time for charging.

Battery Structure

number1 Best-in-Class Vent Caps
number2 Weld System
number3 Robust Separators
number4 Grid Manufacturing
number5 Paste Formulation
number6 Rounded Corners
number1 Improves corrosion resistance by reinforcing the grid thickness.
number2 Sustains power for extended periods.
number3 Ensures uniform grid dimensions and maximizes electrical flow.
number4 Provides internal short circuit protection through unique frame application.
number1 4BS (Tetrabasic Lead Sulphate) is applied to the (+) plate to enhance the life cycle and maximize capacity.
number2 4BS (4PbO) is formed through the reaction of lead oxide with sulphuric acid; chemical formula PbSO4.

Daewoo Battery - Automotive TVC

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Daewoo Battery

Daewoo Battery

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