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The 100% Maintenance-free battery offers supreme convenience with an extraordinary spill-proof feature on-board due to its double seal. This feature completely eliminates the hassle of checking and refilling electrolytes throughout its lifetime. With the highest CCA, it provides the fastest engine startup even in extreme cold weather conditions. Additionally, it comes pre-charged, ready to use at the time of installation, eliminating any wait time for charging.

Battery Structure

number1 Optimized plate design for enhanced battery capacity.
number2 Enveloped separator minimizes electrical resistance.
number3 Advanced center lug technology and cast-on strap ensure durability.
number4 Sealed double cover with flame arrestor for added safety.
number5 Integrated design and reinforced container for increased durability.
number6 Battery health indicator for easy monitoring.
number1 New Expanded Grid Plate of Punch Type for improved performance.
number1 Microfiber and Special Tissue enhance battery efficiency.
number1 Pasted Cure Plate ensures reliable performance.
number1 Envelope Separator minimizes electrical resistance for optimal functionality.
number1 Flame Arrester:
– Prevents the possibility of an explosion.
– Minimizes acid leakage.
number2 Special Sealed Cover:
– Prevents acid leakage and blocks fire from outside.
– Minimizes electrolyte deflection between cells.
– Reduces electrolyte loss with a gassing recovery system.
– Reinforced design for resistance to vibration and shock damage.
– Made from eco-friendly materials (PP/PE copolymer).

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Daewoo Battery

Daewoo Battery

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